Ocean Size 

Still Dirty, India


The band performs to images by the following photographers: Akanksha Sharma, Alisa Resnik, Cyril Costilhes, Igor Pisuk, Leonard Pongo, Lorenzo Castore, Magdalena Wywrot, Scott Typaldos,  Tiane Doan de Champassak, Ying Ang and Yusuf Sevincli.


Jeet Thayil’s nomadic music project began in Berlin in 2013. The Delhi edition of
Still Dirty features a group of extraordinary musicians from the city’s independent music scene: Anup Kutty, founder member of Menwhopause; Tony Guinard, who works with The Ska Vengers and Jazz B’Stards, among others; Akshat Taneja of Faridkot and Udan Tashteri; and Bhanu Thakur of Menwhopause. 



In the Footsteps / Ballet

Sahil Vasudeva, India


Piece 1:  Igor Posner - In the Footsteps
Composed to Igor Posner’s On second thoughts.

Piece 2 : Alexey Brodovitch - Ballet
Exploring the book through the music of Ravel and Chopin.


Sahil is one of the few musicians in India who perform western classical music. He wishes to revive the art of solo piano performances, share the depth and his passion for classical composition.



Of River and Lost Lands

Sarker Protick, Bangladesh


The relationship between man and river; intimate and ruthless. For generations people live by it. We find dependency and destruction at the same time. It’s a contradictory affair. The river gives so much to its people and at times it takes away everything.


Sarker Protick came to photography when one day during his graduate studies at University, he decided to take a picture of the sun with a camera phone. The bright sun immediately crashed his phone, the light proving too intense for his camera, but it did ignite his desire to make pictures.



Photo-poetry: Ecstasies and other Teresian visions

Avani Tanya, India; Gayatri Ganju, India; & Diniz Sánchez, Portugal


Performance based on a photographic translation of the poetry of Teresa of Ávila, also called Saint Teresa of Jesus, one of the foremost mystic writers. 

Photographers Avani Tanya and Gayatri Ganju will give us their particular view on four of her poems. Choreographer Diniz Sanchezwill create a dance on the same poems that the photographers have been working on.


The Photo-poetry series is curated by Jesús Clavero Rodríguez