When the Delhi Photo Festival (DPF) was launched in 2011 we were the first and only international photo festival in India. Our success spawned a number of other photo festivals in our country, a growth we heartily support. Three editions and six years later, DPF continues to be India’s largest and most successful international photo festival.


However success itself is not enough.


As we begin planning the fourth edition of our Festival we feel it is important to properly address the three important issues of Relevance, Inclusiveness & Sustainability and to build an organizational depth to continue delivering a first class festival. For this we need a little time. 

Consequently the next edition of the Delhi Photo Festival, originally scheduled for Oct-Nov 2017, will be delayed.


Watch this space for new dates.

The biennial Delhi Photo Festival, an initiative of  NAZAR FOUNDATION,

is India’s first and biggest international photography festival, that brings photography, the real democratic art form, into the public space creating an awareness, appreciation and learning of photography as an art form.

Festival Secretariat

Festival Directors
Dinesh Khanna

+91 98-10-039143

DPF is committed to maintaining a positive, safe and productive working environment for all during the course of its daily work, lectures, workshops, meetings, festivals and other events. The organization does not tolerate verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature by anyone that harasses, disrupts or interferes with another's  work  or that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment; irrespective of where such harassment is alleged to have taken place, so long as it pertains to a DPF activity.