GRACE has been chosen as the theme for the Delhi Photo Festival 2013 as a tribute to the late Prabuddha Dasgupta, an inspiration to a whole generation of photographers.

“I want to have a long string of images, held together by grace, because grace is that undefineable, non rational, non linear word that I am looking for…. ” Prabuddha Dasgupta speaking at the Delhi Photo Festival 2011.

GRACE is very open-ended and has associations with many words such as

elegance, poise, finesse, suppleness, agility, nimbleness, light-footedness,

courtesy, decency, (good) manners, politeness, decorum, respect, tact,

dignify, distinguish, honor, favor, enhance, ennoble, glorify, elevate, aggrandize, adorn, embellish, decorate, ornament, beautify, prettify, enrich

favor, approval, approbation, acceptance, esteem, regard, respect, goodwill, generosity, kindness, indulgence, formal benefaction, blessing, prayer of thanks, thanksgiving, benediction

deferment, deferral, postponement, suspension, adjournment, delay, pause, respite, stay, moratorium, reprieve

Photo practitioners are encouraged to interpret the theme through their works in diverse and creative manners while making their submissions.

Please note: Only the print exhibitions need conform to the festival theme. Digital exhibitions, audio slideshows, multimedia & other programs need not adhere to the theme.



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